What are the 10 commandments of negotiation, and why do we need them?

Years ago in a study, 150 CEOs were contacted and were asked for the top three personality traits desired for the company’s best negotiators. The top three desired traits were:

  • Personality

  • Knowledge of human nature

  • Ability to organize information

The 10 commandments of negotiation are time-tested fundamentals based on these top three desired traits. If you can obey the 10 commandments, you will be successful more times than not in any negotiation.

Inside this audiobook, you will learn:

  • Why it is now mandatory that we must study negotiation to be effective in business and in life

  • Why we don’t learn to negotiate in the public school system

  • Why the new rules of the economy have shifted and rule number one is “you are entitled to nothing”

  • Why you must negotiate or others will take advantage of you

  • Why win-win negotiation is dead in the new economy

  • Why you were born to be a great negotiator and how to reclaim your status!

  • Plus, learn to create an influential, powerful, persuasive, and winning personality.

  • Wield the power of 30 laws of human nature, moves, and countermoves. Learn how to create leverage in any situation with the eight elements of power used by top negotiators and salespeople in every industry! Learn how to organize information through chaos like the top negotiators at the Trump organization. Plus, learn the secrets and power of reading body language like an ex-FBI agent.

Advance Praise For X:

The Ten Commandments of Negotiation “Stefan is a genius in negotiating. His book Self Made, fired me up to achieve even bigger goals. This book is the gold standard for selling. Everything in life is a negotiation.” —Tammy Kling, Best Selling Author, CEO of Onfire Books Leadership Company

“The Ten Commandments Of Negotiation is only for you if you want to be hugely successful in business and life. Stefan Aarnio nailed it. Don’t just read it, utilize the proven concepts that Stefan has wedged between these covers.” —Shawn Shewchuk, The #1 Results Coach, Bestselling Author

“We are all negotiating all the time, whether we know it or not. The question you should be asking yourself is: “Am I really any good at it?” If you want to make more money, do more deals, have better relationships, and realize your true potential - get this book and READ IT. I wish I knew as much about negotiations as Stefan does when I was a young punk like him—I’d be way further ahead. — Dave Dubeau, Investor Attraction Specialist & Consultant www.DaveDubeau.com

“Negotiation is one of the most important skills of an entrepreneur and The Ten Commandments Of Negotiation outlines a clear path to negotiating success.” —Tony Jeary, The RESULTS Guy™

“Art of the Deal on Steroids! I am privileged to know the author of this exceptional handbook, a man who has proven over and over that he walks his talk and has achieved remarkable success. This isn’t another padded ego booster by some wanna-be coach who is trying to feel important; instead, this manual contains a practical guide to the thoughts and reasoning of one who has made this process work majestically for him. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I learned a substantial amount from reading it.” —Robin Elliott, LeverageAdvantage.com

“Wow, Wow, Wow! This is an excellent book! I love how honest and candid Stefan is in this book! The Ten Commandments of Negotiation is a fantastic tool that will ‘up your game’ in negotiation guaranteed! Stop getting what society and the world gives you, and start negotiating using the Ten Commandments to get what you REALLY want out of life! This book will pay for itself ten fold within one day of reading it!” — Paul Kazanofski, CEO of Revision Homes and TV Personality

“As a student of negotiation, a competent daily practitioner of negotiation, and as someone who regularly teaches negotiation and sales skills to others, I can say, without reservation, that Stefan has nailed the subject matter of negotiation. He has made this very important life skill easy for all to understand and grasp. The highest paid people in the world are always the best negotiators! I will be ordering several copies and handing them out to my negotiation students as a first read.” —Ross Lightle, “Canada’s Premier Real Estate Coach”

“In life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Stefan outlines the most powerful negotiation principles that anyone can use to succeed in business and in life. You can’t afford not to read this book!” —Dan Lok, The King of High-Ticket Sales, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

“Negotiation is a game and like any game, you need to know the rules. This book is the rulebook that you need to succeed.” —Ross Alex, Principal, Flipping In Action

“The Ten Commandments Of Negotiation is recommended reading for anyone looking to win in business, real estate or life. I made an extra $1000 days after learning one negotiation tactic. This is real world advice, and I use it every time I go to the negotiating table.” — Dan Nagy, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine’s Investor of the Year

Negotiation is the Achilles heel of entrepreneurial struggle; life and death, success and failure. Yet business people today barely comprehend the process and rarely acknowledge their weakness in utilizing it. Thankfully, Stefan Aarnio drives an iron stake right through the heart of the negotiating battleground and delivers an arsenal of real life tactics and strategies designed to deliver us ultimate victory. — LES Evans, Legendary Coach To Celebrities & The Best People In The World

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